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I LOVE Jesus!!! My relationship with Jesus makes me who I am so I had to start there! I am a Registered Nurse working at Driscoll Children's Hospital and LOVE my job. I had the privilege to learn under one of the most amazing women and be inspired by her. I have two amazing puppies who I love so much. I absolutely enjoy serving Jesus and knowing that all I desire is to do His Will...His pleasing and perfect Will. Thats me in a nut shell! Read on to learn more!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Baby Cole Status Update

It's been exactly 19 days since my husband left on this deployment..and may I say it is NOT any easier than the last one.  Today I got to hear his voice for the first time since he set sail off to the next destination.  Its crazy, but being away from someone who you love even for a day feels like eternity. I miss him...and this is not easy..I am trying to make the most out of it though.  

Pregnancy hormones are raging lol and lets just say I cried for the first 10 minutes of our conversation. I miss him so much!!! 

I am going to see if I can post pictures...I have a few pictures I want to post from my pregnancy...to allow those who are interested see the progress!!!

Stay tuned!