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I LOVE Jesus!!! My relationship with Jesus makes me who I am so I had to start there! I am a Registered Nurse working at Driscoll Children's Hospital and LOVE my job. I had the privilege to learn under one of the most amazing women and be inspired by her. I have two amazing puppies who I love so much. I absolutely enjoy serving Jesus and knowing that all I desire is to do His Will...His pleasing and perfect Will. Thats me in a nut shell! Read on to learn more!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Where we started!!! Keith and Amber

Howdy All...all the way from the great state of California...well not as great as Texas, but it can come in second.  So A while back I had started a blog on my lap band journey...I looked at it there were only like 3 entries and so I decided to delete them, and to start a new one.  This blog is going to be about my current life and the future days to come.  I do not want to live in the past anymore, but to move forward into my future.  Here goes...

I have a confession to make, I use to be a facebook addict LOL literally I posted all my dirty laundry on Facebook for the world to see...but i decided that I need to make a change. My husband and I made an agreement to stay off so this is going to be where I write about my life.  Not dirty laundry but about the things that are going on so that if someone wants to take interest and read then they have to actually open up the page and find it.  I have a lot to fill in so pull up a chair, take a seat, and get ready for a past year of great and wonderful events.

Blessed are those who trust in the Lord with all their hope and confidence. Jeremiah 17:7

September 30th 2011 my whole life changed...little did I know it was going to bring a whole new chapter and alot more fun and adventure into it.  I had gone on to delete my profile from a dating site...some of you who know me knew I was on a few of those..lol with never any luck, however I went on to delete this one specific profile, when to my surprise i had 4 messages from the same guy asking me if I would like to meet him, and if I would let him take me out sometime.  This was all about 2 or 3 weeks before I actually gave in and met the man I now call my husband.

Still in shock at how presistent he was,  I kindly wrote back to this gentleman something like this... "I am sorry but I am not interested, I was getting on to delete this profile i have not been on in a while, and I wanted to make sure to let you know I did not ignore you but I am just not interested in meeting anyone on here any longer."  I quickly got a response "Please just let me take you out to dinner we can just have dinner and talk and get to know each other, I am not looking for anything either"....I said once again no thank you, but here is my email maybe we can chat sometime over email and get to know each other.  He agreed and profile was deleted.  We kept in contact...and through the time he finally got me to agree to meet up.

I agreed via text message to meet him at Skuttlebutts a seafood place on Port A.  We had talked and he wanted me to drive to his house and ride with him, but with my strong will and huge walls up..I kindly said NO thank you I will meet you there.  We had everything set...but before I had also given him a few more ground rules...I guess this was me trying to make sure nothing happened and no connection was going to be made cause I did NOT WANT TO GET HURT. LOL

Ground Rules
#1 I will ride in my own car there
#2 I will pay for my own dinner
#3 I will not drink
#4 I will not go back to your place

#5....lol if 1-4 do not work just follow your heart ;) LOL did not know that rule yet.

He tells me ok..good I dont pay for girls on the first date anyways I have been screwed over before...so we are in total agreement.  See ya then.

So I get to the place, of course on my way there I receive at text "I am going to be about 15 minutes late I forgot my debit card.  I text him I am already here just take your time...of course me always early...and my husband now ALWAYS late ;) LOL love you honey.

I am waiting in the parking lot nervous as all get out...however why be nervous I set all the rules right? I should be good...lol I get the phone call..."I am here what do you drive"  He walks up to my car......

So I get out of my car and there is this cute, 6'7", light brown hair, military hair cut, crystal blue eyes, guy wearing a blue plade  shirt, jeans and AIR JORDANS!!!! LOL I look up and say "Hi you must be Keith, Damn your tall" LOL He laughed and said Hi Amber, yes I am and your not too short yourself.  I am 5'10 but i had flat sandals on so yeah i was literally below his shoulders.  We went to get our table, the wait was going to be 30 minutes,  we thought it was ok good chance to get to know each other before dinner.  We sat out on a wooden bentch talked.  The first thing he asked me was "Are you planning on staying in corpus or what are your plans" My response "Give me a one way ticket out of here and i am gone. with a laugh" I was born and raised south Texas my entire life. We talked about our families, what we did. He was in the Navy, and planning on transfering to San Diego that coming March, but he was going to be leaving Corpus in December. We talked about how we were just looking for friends and great conversation and he was looking for someone to hang out with till he left. Then our name got called...

We sat down dinner was amazing.  I had Teriaki chicken and okra, and he had I believe fish I cant really remember.  Dinner was over and i had to go to the bathroom. I came back we finished up and I asked our waitress for our checks and to separate them...she responded with "he already took care of it" I gave him that look like dude you are not following the rules...he said "I had a really amazing time and great conversation I would be crazy not to pay for dinner".  We sat and chatted a while longer, but at that time the music was really loud and we could barely hear ourselves talk.  We got up and walked to our cars. He asked if iwould come back to his place...I said look i had a great time, but i am not sure that is a good idea.  He said no no no we will just continue our conversation I am really enjoying your company...I agreed to follow him over there.

We got to his apartment, he had two sofas...as we walked in he goes ok you can sit there and i will sit here if that will make you comfortable.  We talked for a bit longer watched country music videos, and hung out.  He got up to go to the kitchen and asked if i wanted anything. I said no he grabbed a beer, and came towards my couch...lol He goes can i sit next to you. I told him sure that was at the point i was comfortable. LOL He kept looking at me...and reached his arm around, and I just looked back and he goes "is this ok" I said sure.  We continued to watch TV and he kept staring at me...I finally said "KEITH WHY DO YOU KEEP STARRING AT ME?" He responded with "Can I kiss you?" I looked at him and said "sure". He leaned in for our first kiss...and WOW. We hung out for a bit longer till it was time to head home.  I hugged him thanked him for a good night and he said "when can i see you again" I told him soon, if you dont lose my number.  I left for the night.

Before I even got to my house which was only 5/10 minutes away...I received a text "I had a great night I did not want it to end" LOL I responded with "Me too"...Thus began the rest of our story.

Through the next several weeks..we fought off the urge to fall for each other...but then something just happened...we realized we did not want to be apart, but we knew that the directions we were going were going to take us apart and we needed to figure out if we were willing to fight that battle.  Through many conversations and a lot of tears, we decided to stay together.  Why tear apart what God put together?  He left December....to go home to Kansas till he was going to be relocating to san Diego..but first to pensacola then to san diego...I flew out to the little town of Saint Mary's Kansas December 27th 2011 to meet the family.  He had had Thanksgiving with mine in November they all loved him.   I flew out there...it was a great time.  I had to leave on New Years Day...that was the hardest thing in the world...leaving the man i loved for the time we would have to be apart before we would see each other again. I cried and he cried...he told then was when he knew he wanted to marry me...we had talked about getting married.....that was pretty evident, but the realness of our love was shown that day.

I flew home continued my life as it was...with a boyfriend/soon to be fiance...lol He told me in January plan our wedding.  He was deploying June 2012....for 6 months...we had decide to get married May 27th before he left....and i was to move out to San Diego before so we could have that little extra time together, before we were apart.  So that is just what happened...

In February of 2012 February 19th exactly I took him to see our venue where we would be married in May, he pulled out a ring and officially proposed to me.  It was sweet. Then May 27th we said I do in that exact same spot.

Alot happened between then and now I flew out got a job, in March.  I flew back out there May 13th to be with him..and to start my process of hiring at Children's Hospital. We flew to Kansas May 18 for his little sisters high school graduation, and then drove to Texas May 21 on our way to get married. :) We drove a Uhal and wow it was an experience.

We got to Texas we had to pack up my house, and get married all in a matter of 5 days. :) We did it though...lol On May 27th we were married in Knolle Farms and May 28th we packed up our Uhal and May 29th we headed out to what we call HOME now San Diego California.  It was a blast the trip here...long but fun...we bonded more and learned more about each other  cause all we had was time.

We got to San diego June 1.  Moved in to our apartment...and our lives together as Keith and Amber Bertels began....It was a quick 25 days...He was deployed and it felt like i needed so much more time. I missed him terribly being alone in a city where I knew no one...I was strong at points and weak at others...I made it through...Skype was our best friend...and emails...but wow...time with out him was not the best part.   The first 6 months of our marriage was apart, but then December 1, 2012 he was back in my arms...and i was back in his right where we belong.

We had a whirl wind of a 6 months together...we went to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farms, trip to Kansas, Medieval Times, Mystery Cafes, dinners, movies, trip to Florida with him for team trainer we had a blast...bonding as a married couple should be.

Then in March we found out we are expecting a Baby Boy in November of 2013!!!  So exciting...so the preparation started.

June 15th he left on his second deployment...Google Chat and email is our best friend...its only been 2 weeks, but it feels like forever...I miss him like crazy..I figured it would be cool to blog our progress of the baby and also of our lives...I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of our story it was ONE whole crazy year, but we have so many more to come! I love my husband and would not do this military navy wife thing for anyone in the world other than him.

Till next time!

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